The Reignition Theory

Episode 12 - Witnesses

March 28, 2021

As Aurrente rushes to the grand ball to try and rescue the most powerful people in the world, the plan of the conspirators springs into action. Various accounts of people in the city who managed to survive are included to paint a picture of what was going on in the city. There is also a leaked report on the highly illegal scientific research carried out on the undead.

Featuring Mike Cuellar as Mason Cainrich, Graham Rowat as Ciro Aurrente, Marnie Warner as Dr Vea Drusus. The “witnesses” -

  • Anonymous Draven Soldier - Zane Sexton

  • Anonymous Smuggler - Chris Anderson

  • Anonymous Companion of Prince Varrin - Nirali Sheth

  • Anonymous Hannirian Engineer - Kyle Nishimura

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