The Reignition Theory

Episode 6 - Captured - The Reignition Theory

January 17, 2021

The episode starts with a diary entry from Captain Chloe Vasker, explaining some of the history of her country, Hanniria, and what their violent revolution has meant to her and what her people are now doing in Corraban. Also Aurrente wakes after his capture in the tunnels to find he is once again in the clutches of the Brotherhood - about to become a victim of their world-renowned torture skills. Finally there is a extract from the work of Sapra Chana on the history of torture and violence in the Brotherhood.

Featuring Mike Cuellar as Mason Cainrich, Graham Rowat as Ciro Aurrente, Caroline Mincks as Captain Chloe Vasker and Mark Matulis as Sapra Chana.

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